E2C 紫外固化系统

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  • 品牌:   GEW
  • 型号:   E2C UV Curing System
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System benefits

Lowest total cost of ownership

  • 46% energy saving
  • Save tens of thousands of Euros or Dollars over the lifetime of your machine
  • Reduced plant air consumption

Easily implemented sustainability measure

  • Immediate reduction in CO2 footprint
  • Cool, quiet operation with no need for expensive water-cooling
  • Eliminate all consumption of processed ambient air

5-year warranty

  • Safeguards against unplanned maintenance costs

Maximum machine productivity

  • Fast start lamp technology
  • System proactively avoids unplanned downtime
  • Consistent, high-speed curing
  • Quick to install

Available with inert atmosphere curing

  • Enables production of silicone release liners and food packaging
  • Process consistency assured with embedded precision oxygen level control
  • Fully engineered solutions designed to suit your specific application